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Call Utils
for Salesforce

Log a call as task/event, record calls & save them as MP3 attachments, transcript speech to text...
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Main features

Log a call

Racord call audio

Elementary function of every Salesforce application is creating Events or Tasks. In the Call Utils you can choose if you want to create Task or Event for every tracked call. Your Salesforce administrator can customize default field values in the settings.

Moreover, you can choose how you will be notified about finished call: notification, logging screen, silent automatic synchronization or no action.

Record calls

The main Call Utils feature which makes the application better than all the rest is automatic recording your calls. After each call, you can decide if the concrete audio record should be uploaded to Salesforce. Every audio is stored as an MP3 attachment to the created log object (Task or Event).

Call recording laws vary from state to state. You are responsible about notifying the other party or turn off recording, if it's required. It's up to you.

Speech to text

One of the advanced feature is transcribing speech to text. It opens BigData processing, text searching and other possibilities in your Salesforce, Hadoop and so on.

Call Utils uses the new Google Cloud Speech API which recognizes over 80 languages and variants. It's really better than the most offline speech to text solutions, but unfortunately this API isn't free. Your Salesforce administrator must set payment for this service and then set the API keys and credentials for you.

Make a note

Every business call should have personal note where the sales team tracks customer's feeling, next steps and other unstructured information. This note can be essential in next sales communication.

So every CRM application should enable make a note for every call. If you expect this feature in the Call Utils logging process, you're right.

Create a Contact

Not every incoming call is from known numbers. Not every call is (for you) known contact.

Call Utils tries to search calling person by number in the Salesforce. During log a call process, you can search by name Contacts and Accounts. If a calling person is a new one, you can easily create new CRM records.


Good mobile application does not waste your battery. Useful mobile application synchronizes as fast as you need.

Call Utils tries to smart sync data with Doze mode and Standby Android features, but communicate immediately when you need instant synchronization.

Don't sync

It's common that not every call is a business call. If you can use your phone for personal use then you don't want to track a family or friends calls.

You can choose don't sync a call. In the future Call Utils will support automatic "don't sync this number" feature. For more information, see development roadmap.

Don't record

There are situations, when you don't want to record the call. It may be due to laws or talking about sensitive information.

Call Utils during the call shows special notification, which enables you to turn off recording (and immediately delete current recorded part). When you stop recording, you can still log the call event. Of course, it's possible to turn off all audio recordings in the settings.

Brief competitive comparison *

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Call Utils
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Price Free 50$/ year
30$/ ½yr.
30$/ year
18$/ ½yr.
 3$/ month
Downloads >>1 000 000 >50 000 ?
How long exists Years Years May 2017 (beta)
Log a call
Create a contact
Make a note
Automatic action after call
Record calls audio
Speech to text support
Automatic don't log by number  
* This comparison is only approximate and it may change over time. Prices may be different in each country. The main competitive app is not named. Every time do your own comparison.

Call Utils is in the rapid development. New features are coming soon. See development roadmap.