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Security & privacy

You are safe

First of all, you are safe! As well as Salesforce and Google, we have your security and privacy in the first place.


We protect your data using the best security standards.

  • Every communication is only through a secure https with Salesforce's or Google's certificates. It's great because Salesforce or Google servers are always known and protect communication against "man in the middle" attacks.
  • (Coming soon, see the development roadmap.) You will not be able to use Call Utils on rooted devices. Rooted devices are the only way to lose your data. (There is nothing new under the sun.)


We are absolutely not interested in your business. We take care for your privacy and don't collect information which can identify you. We never collect your audio records, called numbers, contact names, notes and so on.

The only one kind of information we collect is information about potential app crashes. It is a technical information like Android (API) version, Call Utils version, device manufacturer, device model/brand, RAM, Battery. For more information see Google's Firebase Crash Reporting. Let's say it again. We don't collect nothing what can identify you or your business (data, audio records).

Some proofs about your security & privacy.

  • Call Utils doesn't know your password and security token. It needn't, because it uses the great security protocol OAuth2. See Salesforce OAuth2. You simply log in to Salesforce and grant access to some API parts. We are glad that we don't take care about passwords or security tokens like other dangerous mobile application on Google Play.
  • If you have IT experts (or you can hire security experts), you can check that Call Utils communicates only with Salesforce and Google (for online Speech to text or Crash reporting). There is nothing else communication. It conclusively confirmed that we don't collect nothing about you.
  • This site doesn't use cookies. We don't use Google Analytics or other utility for analyzing your behavior on this web neither in the Call Utils app.

Take a risk - NO!