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No application is perfect and can't fit everyone. Call Utils for Salesforce tries to bring useful and configurable features for you. Here is the development roadmap ordered by priority. If you can't find some "must have" feature, contact us.

  • Bug Fixing during open beta release.
  • Focus on unsupported devices for calls recording.
  • Explore the possibilities to open created task/event in the official Salesforce app.
  • Don't log some contacts by numbers (family, friends). Action in detail and list for backward edit.
  • Deny run the app on rooted devices. Security reason. Should by able to enable it back by Salesforce administrator.
  • Auto upload newly with a time gap for editing notes or mark as don't log the call.
  • If you don't use Speech to text, store audios like MP3 directly.
  • Better storage usage management. Inform you about low space on internal SSD, inform you about how much data consume your audio records.
  • Translations to other languages - can you help with that?
  • Sync audio only on wifi - settings.
  • Logging other informations about calls. For example approximate location, imei and so on.
  • Configurable variables for field values. The Salesforce administrator should be able to define not only static values but dynamic values too. For example define description field like "Note:${note} Date:${now} Phone IMEI:${imei}".
  • Explore the possibilities: Google / Firebase Cloud messaging or some Salesforce feature for directly dial a number from desktop Salesforce.
  • Your other suggestions...
  • Your other suggestions...
  • Your other suggestions...